Native Ad Server API
Build native ads into your web page or app
Sponsored Listings API
Let sellers promote their product at the top of the list
Promoted Content API
Add promoted content based on search queries or keywords
Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) API
Reach out of home audiences on screens or billboards
Internal Promotions API
Offer users vouchers or promo codes at the right time
Decision API
Returns a JSON response with ads
Management API
Manage campaigns and inventory
Reports API
Custom reports and data shipping
API Status
Live network infrastructure status
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Ad Server APIs for Developers

Plans & Pricing

Save tons of time — build your own ad server in weeks.

Scalable up to 1 billion ad requests/month.

Great for small publishers or developers running a proof of concept.
per month
check1M ad requests/month
checkAll essential features
High-volume ad decision API, ready to be integrated into your product.
per month
check10M ad requests/month
checkWhite labeled ad serving
Volume discounts, custom integrations and asynchronous API calls.
per month
check25M - 1B ad requests/month
checkHigh-volume discounts

format_quoteThese plug & play ad serving APIs have cut down developement cost tremendously. Absolutely a huge time saver for anyone who wants to build a custom ad server in a short time.
Hayden Elson
Developer at Galactic Media


How long does the trial last?

Your trial ends after 90 days. Reach out if you need more time for testing.


Which types of ads can be served?

AdFlight serves all ads as JSON responses, so you can build the ad unit yourself. The main focus is on native ads, promoted content and sponsored listings. You can however serve standard display ads by adding the ad tag as a text string in your creative, and running that tag in an iframe on your web page or app. Reach out if you need help with this.


Do you have ad templates?

Absolutely. AdFlight supports ad templates to make it easier for your ad ops team to set up creatives. Instead of typing keys and values, your team simply selects a predefined key. The value entered can be validated before saving (text, int, booleans, etc).


Can I serve ads white labeled?

Yes, you can CNAME one of your subdomains for ad serving purposes. The white label is included free of charge on any plan. Reach out for instructions.


What's the charge for CDN bandwidth?

If you upload images or videos as creatives, they will be hosted on AdFlight's CDN at no extra cost. There's no bandwidth metering whatsoever. A peace of mind for both of us.


What about the API's rate limits?

The management API has a high rate limit that will not be applied in 99% of the cases. The Decision API doesn't have a rate limit.


How many team member accounts can I create?

Unlimited, on all plans. Get your whole team on board: ad ops, developers, marketing, sales, etc. To invite team members, see the page Settings => Company => Team Members.


How do I pay for this product?

By a recurring credit card payment. All major cards are supported. Payments are handled by Stripe. You can download invoices in PDF format via your portal. If you're from the European Union, you can add your VAT number which will be printed on your invoices.


What's your cancellation policy?

There are no contracts or long term commitments. You pay on a monthly basis. You can cancel your license anytime before your monthly due date, and no further charges on your card will be made. A copy of your database will be kept for up to 30 days in case you wish to restore access.

Want to build your own ad platform?

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