Native Ad Server API
Build native ads into your web page or app
Sponsored Listings API
Let sellers promote their product at the top of the list
Promoted Content API
Add promoted content based on search queries or keywords
Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) API
Reach out of home audiences on screens or billboards
Internal Promotions API
Offer users vouchers or promo codes at the right time
Decision API
Returns a JSON response with ads
Management API
Manage campaigns and inventory
Reports API
Custom reports and data shipping
API Status
Live network infrastructure status
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Ad Server APIs for Developers

Powerful ad serving APIs to build your own ad server in no time

STOP spending time and budget. Build your own ad server on top of AdFlight's APIs.

Ad Server APIs for developers

With AdFlight you can build a custom ad server in no time

Why not create a proof of concept today? It's as simple as:

1. Request

Request one or more ads by calling AdFlight's API, either client-side or server-side.

2. Parse

Parse the JSON response containing all information about the winning ad.

3. Create

Create the ad unit based on this data and add it wherever you want.

4. Log

Log events by firing event tokens: impressions, clicks or 100+ custom events.

5. Report

Pull beautiful reports via the UI or create them yourself using the Report API.
Leverage AdFlight's ad server APIs — You just have to connect the dots.
format_quoteThese plug & play ad serving APIs have cut down developement cost tremendously. Absolutely a huge time saver for anyone who wants to build a custom ad server in a short time.
Hayden Elson
Developer at Galactic Media

Fully Customizable

AdFlight is built around the idea to let you customize
the ad server as much as possible.

Powerful Templates

Create templates for each ad format. Let your ad ops team fill in the data when adding creatives using drop-downs, toggles and pre-formatted fields. No need for them to speak JSON!

Custom Metrics

Go beyond clicks and conversions. Create up to 100 custom events, like downloads, signups or upvotes. Define your own formulas to calculate ROI, eCPMs or anything else in the reports.

Awesome Reports

Generate reports for your advertisers with your own branding, format and style. Use the API to ship row level data to your own backend for further analysis.

Build your own ad server

Ad server APIs to get your MVP ready in days — impress your colleagues!
checkCampaign Management
checkBudget Pacing
checkAd Capping
checkGoal Optimizations
checkKeyword/Search Targeting
checkContextual Targeting
checkEvent Tracking (custom)
checkReporting (UI/API)
check100+ Custom Metrics
checkGIVT/SIVT Bot Filtering

Global Infrastructure

AdFlight has API response times under 100ms due to a global network of decision engines.
Make API calls to the closest data center, spead over 3 continents.

Don't build an ad server from scratch!

Most of the hard work have been done for you, ready to be
deployed using AdFlight's ad serving APIs


Spread ad impressions for a client over the day. The pacing algorithm avoids bursts of impressions in the early morning.

checkBudget Pacing

AdFlight manages client budgets by limiting daily or monthly spends. Prevent budget exhausting before the campaign ends.

checkCustom Targeting

Leverage first-party data to target custom-tailored ads to users. For example, show expensive ads to users who are known spenders.

checkEvent Tracking

Want to go beyond tracking clicks and conversions? Create your own events like downloads, upvotes or replies.


Fine-tune delivery to users from a specific geolocation. Target by country, region, city, DMA or GPS coordinates.

checkSearch Intent

Show sponsored content based on the search query of the user. Target campaigns to a channel or category.

checkKeep in control

Since only a JSON response with the winning ad is returned, you're in full control how you build the ad unit. No cookie dropping, no data leackage.

checkBot Filtering

Don't let bots skew your data. Filter bots and spiders from your reports automatically. AdFlight detects both GIVT and SIVT. Included in all plans.

checkPDF Reports

Send reports to clients by email, or generate a report PDF with your own branding and logo. Schedule reports daily or weekly.

Want to build your own ad platform?

Let's discuss how AdFlight can help.